Trending Halloween Costumes are a Big Business Like This Year’s Joe Exotic Costume

Trending Halloween Costumes are a Big Business Like This Year’s Joe Exotic Costume Trending Halloween Costumes are a Big Business Like This Year’s Joe Exotic Costume Photo: photo courtesy of Estrategize

They pop up around this time every year. The sexy costumes that are meant to shock, inspire, or make us laugh. Yet, it seems the more outrageous the costume, the more often we write about it, read about it, or even see it roaming around the Halloween party. 

From an outside perspective, it doesn’t seem possible that designing and marketing obscure sexy costumes can possibly lead to a profitable business model, regardless of the amount of attention it generates. As an $8.8 billion industry, Halloween costume retailers are happy to disagree. 

“Sexy Halloween costumes are a big business having skyrocketed in popularity when they started being sold online in the late ‘90s. Even so, we have to get more and more creative every year to come up with unique ideas for our consumers,” said Sarah Chamberlain, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of, which most of the year specializes in sexy lingerie. “After all, you can only be a French Maid so many times.” 

While Halloween costume staples, like the Sexy Nurse or Sexy Witch, continue to be top sellers for retailers, the silhouettes have changed to mimic what is seen in everyday fashion. “Women want their costumes to represent their personal style, not just a fun character. By offering options with fashion-forward styling, like sheer overskirts, sleek catsuits, or high-cut hiplines, we’re listening to our customers and honoring their own personal style,” said Chamberlain.

While traditional characters will forever be a Halloween costume go-to, some party-goers prefer to pay homage to popular trends from the year prior. Whether it be a celebrity, a viral meme, or a political statement, costume trends have evolved over the years and retailers have adapted. 

The trending costume for Halloween 2020? Joe Exotic. The tiger-loving, gun-wielding, mullet-sporting Netflix star evidently is 3wishes’s hottest out of all the sexy Halloween costumes. “Finding the perfect balance between creating something that is outrageous – without verging into offensive – and making sure it is wearable is essential to a trending sexy costume,” added Chamberlain. “That is exactly what our exclusive collection of officially licensed Tiger King costumes represent.” The costume has already become a viral hit on social media with over 20 thousand shares on Facebook this week alone.

Nobody knows what Halloween will hold for us amid this pandemic but one thing is for sure, retailers will continue to churn out some of the most outlandish, on-trend costumes to ever grace the internet. And, what’s more, people will buy them.

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