This $20 Microsoft Teams and Outlook training will help improve collaboration across your business

This $20 Microsoft Teams and Outlook training will help improve collaboration across your business

Working off-site has never been easier thanks to today’s high-speed home internet and a myriad of portable devices like laptops and tablets. Yay, technology! But while working from home has become much more common (and is slowly becoming the norm), it’s not a flawless system by any means. It definitely comes with its own set of challenges for businesses – especially when it comes to team management and internal alignments.

Fortunately, Microsoft Teams is the tool to end all tools for seamless collaboration. If you’re new to the game,  it’s an app from Microsoft designed to connect the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and efficient. And this Essential 2020 Microsoft Teams Training Course is designed to supercharge your productivity and improve communication among business units by filling you in on how exactly Microsoft Teams operates. Teams enables any company to streamline chat, video meetings, file storage, and more, regardless of where each member is working.

In this comprehensive course, you’ll have access to on-demand content that will teach you how to fully maximize Microsoft Teams and go beyond just their chat feature. You’ll learn how to set up a team and manage members, utilize the meetings function, and adjust various settings to accommodate what your team needs. What’s more, you’ll even get lessons on how to set up your Microsoft Outlook to do more than just send emails (yes, it’s more than just an email hub). You’l learn how to create meetings and appointments, and work with contacts, auto-replies, recalling messages, tasks, notes, and more.

Get The Essential 2020 Microsoft Teams Training Course and learn the ins and outs of how you can maximize productivity, efficiency, and most importantly, communication among you and your colleagues with Microsoft Teams and Outlook. It’s usually $174, but for a limited time, you can get it on sale for just $19.99.

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