The Creative Agency on Using the Power of Authenticity to Grow Your Online Presence

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 16, 2020 / Every business in the world today wants to grow. Yet many times, entrepreneurs and executive teams feel stuck when it comes to creating strategies that will help bring their company to the next level. Sometimes what it takes is an outside perspective from a growth hacking expert. That’s what The Creative Agency brings to the table. “In the evolution of online business, authenticity has been the biggest foundation for me and my company. Even in our own internal strategies, we lead with my authentic story – this is because our ideal clients are those who resonate with our message and our awareness for a different kind of online visibility. One that does not lean heavily on the ‘SELL, SELL, SELL’ methodology we see so often,” says Jahna, The Creative Agency’s founder.

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The Creative Agency is a full-service business growth consultancy that fully integrates creative marketing, branding, advertising, and automated digital strategies into one streamlined action plan, and then implements it all for you. Jahna and her staff dedicate themselves to helping small businesses that seek ways to grow their business’s revenue and their visibility through digital efforts.

The Creative Agency is a product of business expert Jahna Eichel, a serial entrepreneur and full-time mom of two amazing kids. Jahna is also known as “The Multiple Income Stream Queen” after her reputation as a growth hacker with numerous business interests spread across various circles.

Jahna shares why the need for authenticity and value in digital visibility has surpassed that of traditional marketing methods. “Often, when someone thinks about online marketing, they think about how best to describe their services, display their rates, and convince their audience to work with them or buy their product,” says Jahna. “The big picture strategy wasn’t the foundation of their marketing efforts. They posted recycled content, did a little basic search engine optimization, and called it day.” For the growth consultant, the central piece to any business strategy is defining clear and actionable goals and positioning a brand to reach ideal clients that will bring in revenue from the clients they’d most love to serve. “Sharing what makes you the expert in a way that provides value gives the potential client an insider’s glimpse of what it would be like to work with you,” she continues.

The Creative Agency’s services are tested and proven to bring the results that entrepreneurs seek. The company’s specialties include creating authentic, integrated campaigns, artificial intelligence-based search engine optimization, social media growth hacks, pay per click ads, and other digital strategies that always lean to the true message of the brand. “Clients love working with us because we give them honest feedback on how to get the most out of our relationship, what they could be doing on their own to enhance what we’re doing on their behalf.”

With every client, the company searches for the best strategies that will bring them the best results. It then tailor fits action plans to their budget and goals. The Creative Agency helps many businesses develop highly effective marketing campaigns that communicate their unique value. This approach leads to a more precise positioning that leads to better use of customer acquisition channels.

Much of Jahna’s business growth philosophies center around the importance of branding. “Branding is the fine art of becoming,” shares the business consultant on her company website. “With an effective strategy, your brand can maximize your relevance and secure lifelong customer loyalty.” The Creative Agency helps businesses build trustworthy brands that convert into tangible results for their clients.

The company has worked with many clients. In total, Jahna has helped launch forty startups and services hundreds of clients through her consultancy work. Jahna continues to improve The Creative Agency’s suite of services, keeping up to date with the latest trends and technologies that make marketing more intuitive and efficient.

Her biggest piece of advice is more about mindset than anything else though. “Investing in your business is the first step to financial freedom through entrepreneurship. It’s easy to say you can’t or you shouldn’t. Risk is inevitable and until you make the bold move to start, you’ll most likely stay where you are.”

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