The 5 Best Cheap Stocks to Buy for Contrarian Investors

While considering the best cheap stocks to buy now, I realized I should first clarify to readers what I mean by cheap stocks. I follow the Benjamin Graham line of thinking. And that means I look at value. That’s more than a little contrarian with the current dogma surrounding growth stock investing, but that’s where I’m at. If you’re still with me, then I have a few cheap stocks that may be interesting for you to consider. However, they come with an unknown amount of risk. They are cheap for a reason, after all. The stocks on this list have price-to-book ratios that are among the lowest in the market. They also offer an appealing price/earnings-to-growth ratio of around one. And with many of these stocks, you’ll get a dividend for holding the stock. It bears repeating once again, these stocks do come with an elevated level of risk. However, the same can be said of just about any stock in this market, particularly with an election in two months, the continued uncertainty surrounding the novel coronavirus and, possibly, a vaccine. If you want to continue this walk on the contrarian side, continue reading about these cheap stocks to buy: Lincoln National (NYSE:LNC) American International Group (NYSE:AIG) Carnival Corp. (NYSE:CCL) Molson Coors (NYSE:TAP) Diamondback Energy (NASDAQ:FANG) These stocks may not look like much now, but they present attractive buy-and-hold opportunities.

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