Telestax Launches the Industry’s First CPaaS Sales Certification Training for Communications Companies, Carriers, and Operators

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Telestax, a leading global communications platform as a service (CPaaS) enablement and application provider became the first in the industry to deliver a CPaaS Sales Certification Training program specifically developed for communications providers.

Telestax CPaaS Sales Certification

According to a recent report by Synergy Research Group, the CPaaS market is experiencing a 40 percent yearly growth rate, with IDC forecasting a market size of nearly $11 billion by 2022. As communications companies increasingly focus on bringing cloud-based APIs to their enterprise customers, the need for training, knowledge, and best practices has emerged.

“At Telestax, our global partners are heavily skilled at selling voice, SMS, UCaaS, and other telephony products, but oftentimes CPaaS is a new beast,” said Veena Vadgama, VP of Marketing for Telestax. “We custom-designed a CPaaS sales certification program for these international sales teams. Telestax trainers bring to light the use cases and digital channels most relevant to the partner’s region. The results speak for themselves as upon completion of the training our partners have a host of leads and POCs to pursue, bringing significant revenue increases within three to six months on average. This ensures that sales teams are not only equipped, confident, and eager to sell CPaaS but that they are now dangerous when it comes to outshining the competition.”

As a CPaaS enablement leader, Telestax has demonstrated the ability to prepare communications solutions with programmable voice and SMS, in addition to offering popular turnkey applications like two-factor authentication (2FA) and phone number masking. Ongoing education and support help to see these solutions through the sale to deployment.   

With both face-to-face and virtual training course options, Telestax has begun offering CPaaS Sales Certification Training to some of the largest organizations in the world, beginning with Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

“The CPaaS Sales Certification Training from Telestax is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for those who understand how to sell telecom products but are now looking to sell cloud applications,” said Nicholas Soo, EVP Voice & Mobility Sales from Telin, a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia that manages digital and telecommunications business globally. “In three days, we were able to train our sales team to effectively sell two-factor authentication, number masking, IVR, and more. The role playing and live demonstrations included in the training helped our team feel confident bringing additional knowledge and expertise to their accounts. As a provider, this enables us to offer more value to our business customers.”

With the Restcomm platform, Telestax has been a valued partner in the enablement of communications solutions and applications since 2011. The CPaaS Sales Certification Training is available immediately to current Telestax partners and to non-Telestax partners. Training sessions are available for November and December of 2020. Please email [email protected] to learn more.

About Telestax

Telestax is the leading CPaaS enabler for the communications industry and creator of the award-winning Restcomm API platform. Originating in the largest industry open source community, managed by Telestax, Restcomm has been tested by over 10,000 telecom developers and contains over 6 million lines of code. As a trusted partner in real-time communications, Telestax delivers Restcomm Cloud to innovative companies around the world. When service providers join with Telestax, their customers gain the advantage of a superior network and full CPaaS capabilities such as programmable SMS and voice. With bring your own carrier options, white labeling, and a complete suite of voice and messaging APIs, service providers benefit from new revenue streams and a competitive edge in the evolving digital transformation marketplace. Restcomm Cloud removes the friction in application development and business workflow integration with user-friendly tools like the Visual Designer. The Telestax RESTful API gives experienced developers control to create robust omnichannel applications alongside technologies such as advanced IVR and intelligent chatbots. Learn more about Telestax, Restcomm Cloud, and CPaaS enablement at today.

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