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BBB Tip of the Week:Surge in online shopping ushers in more fake websites

Stay-at-home orders, social distancing and other efforts to the curb the spread of the coronavirus have made online shopping a necessity in 2020.

Recent data collected by the United States Census Bureau revealed that online purchases have increased by more than 30% since mid-March. As more consumers connect with products virtually, the number of scammers creating fake websites to steal shoppers’ hard-earned money has spiked as well.

A series of investigations performed by Better Business Bureau Northwest and Pacific uncovered a significant number of online sellers using fraudulent websites to con consumers. Products featured on the fake sites ranged from outdoor sporting goods to furniture.

Scammers advertised exceptional deals for the products listed but ultimately never delivered any of what was ordered to consumers. Examples of the fake websites identified include the following:

• www.anorakat.com

• www.autount.com

• www.chicklder.com

• www.duffletta.com

• www.hillorest.com

• www.kapocord.com

• www.rippealou.com

Online shoppers allege

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The genuine article: Bdaily ushers in new era with appointment of business manager

As the business community emerges from lockdown, Bdaily is delighted to unveil a new addition to the team.

Bdaily has welcomed Andrew Carter to the team in the newly-created role of business manager.

With 12 years of experience at Newcastle tech firm Domaincheck, Andrew held a range of roles at the company, working his way from marketing executive to head of domain and hosting services.

Most recently associate director, Andrew brings knowledge of the tech sector and senior-level operations and client management to his new role.

Based in Bdaily’s Newcastle headquarters in South Gosforth, Andrew will work closely with directors and senior management to oversee operations across marketing and editorial.

Andrew will utilise his knowledge of the local business landscape to build and nurture partnerships, as well as supporting the marketing and editorial teams to evolve as the business enters a new period of growth.

Andrew explained: “Bdaily is a

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