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Small-business owner throws in the towel, lives to fight another day

Last March, I enlisted to fight coronavirus. I ranked nonessential as a small-business owner of a clothing consignment shop, a business that is all about “upcycling” — creative reuse of things. I immediately mobilized to close the store door. Until further notice, the lack of business income required a hunk of my savings to pay bills and taxes.

The end of May, in compliance with New York Forward, I reopened the store door and enforced regulations designed to combat coronavirus. Mandated masks. Respected social distancing. Cleaning. Cleaning. Cleaning.

Business sales were slow through June. Rent went unpaid. Bills kept coming.

The writing was on the wall. Debt.

With an ear to the ground, I heard about a small-business loan that offered 75 percent forgiveness. I contacted state officials for details. One detail gave me pause.

It wasn’t the fact that because I have no employees, forgiveness would not come my

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Facebook Throws Down, More Tick Tockery, And Apple Wearables

Tickery Tockery Duck, Is Confusing Or What? The new plan, which has to be approved by the US government’s heretofore obscure “committee on foreign investment,” is for Bytedance, the China based owner of Tik Tok, to go public. The new public company will be US based. Oracle gets an enormous cloud hosting contract and Wal-Mart will get to block Amazon. When last we checked the Chinese government asserted that had something to say over this deal. 

It. Is. On. Facebook threw down at its Connect Conference. They are playing to win every layer of the XR ecosystem: hardware, software, social

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Digital technology throws a lifeline to small business

The last six months has seen a rapid acceleration in the adoption of digital technologies across Australian organisations as they have worked to remain connected to their staff and customers.

From retailers and restaurants to government agencies, digital technology has provided the lifeline between them and the people they serve and has been a key strategy for enabling contactless and COVID-free interactions.

According to Chris Duckett, Editor of ZDNet Australia and TechRepublic Australia at CBS Interactive, the digitisation of the Australian economy has accelerated to a pace where in just six months it achieved what might have otherwise taken a handful of years.

“You are seeing businesses have to have a delivery strategy if they need to get goods to customers,” Duckett said. “If you are in a work environment or an office environment, you have to have a remote work policy these days. And many people have probably had

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In ruling, judge throws lifeline to diversity visa lottery

SAN DIEGO — A federal judge ordered the Trump administration to resume issuing diversity visas for immigrants from underrepresented countries, partially reversing a pandemic-related freeze on a wide range of immigrant and temporary visas.

The U.S. issues up to 55,000 visas a year to people from countries with low representation in the U.S., many in Africa. They are chosen from millions of applicants by lottery.

Winners who aren’t vetted for green cards at U.S. consulates lose their spots if they don’t have their visas in hand by Sept. 30 of the year they were chosen.

The State Department had issued about 12,000 diversity visas for the 2020 lottery when President Donald Trump announced the freeze in April, leaving about 43,000 winners still waiting, U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta said.

“To be clear, there is no statutory requirement that every available diversity visa be issued each year, ” Mehta wrote in

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