Arm swimming in a sea of uncertainty that could sink its business model

When Nvidia announced its intention to purchase Arm in a $40 billion deal, it marked the start of an expected 18-month process that would see Arm shift from SoftBank to Nvidia.

That period of time, even for a large transaction, is a long time, according to Gartner vice president analyst Alan Priestley.

“They’re obviously going to expect challenges. The fact that they’re projecting it’s going to take that time, a lot can happen in the [semiconductor] industry in 18 months,” he told ZDNet.

“A lot can happen in this world in 18 months so the market might be dramatically different at the end of this closed time.”

It was only a little under 18 months ago that the US really started ratcheting up its trade war with China by placing Huawei on its Entity List, which impacted Arm directly by forcing it to suspend work with the Chinese giant.


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