Bid to retain work visa option for foreign students stuck studying overseas

Honey also said Immigration New Zealand should resume study visa applications from people who were based overseas because the current pause on accepting applications was sending the wrong message.

“That’s actually like pinning the closed sign on the door, rather than ‘back in five minutes’. We’ve got to really think about the messaging we’ve got out there.”

Other parts of the private sector were also keen for the government to restart study visa applications for overseas applicants and provide certainty about when foreign students could return.

The chairperson of English New Zealand, Darren Conway, said accepting visa applications would keep foreign students interested in New Zealand and help avoid bottle-necks of applications when the border did reopen.

Meanwhile, he said the organisation’s members desperately needed support from the government’s $10 million fund for private tertiary institutions that had lost at least half of their foreign enrolments because of the pandemic.

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