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Another Voice: Government must offer a small business recovery plan | Opinion

When Covid-19 hit, Goodrich Coffee & Tea was forced to close our cafe’s doors and we turned to a model that relied solely on drive-thru and delivery sales. Initially, this shift cut our sales by 50% – a critical cut to the profit we needed to keep running.

Times remain tough, but we are thankful to still have our doors open today, and we credit this to members of the Clarence community who have shown up, in their cars and online, to support us through these times.

We tapped into digital resources, specifically social media, which helped promote our business. And our cafe began using the “Support Small Business” stickers on Instagram to encourage our customers to keep supporting local restaurants, shops and businesses.

We are inspired by the ways the Clarence community has shown up for others throughout the pandemic. Truly it is why we are still standing today.

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ETrade’s ‘better mousetrap’ is its stock plan business, analyst says

It’s little wonder Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman is singing the praises of ETrade Financial’s corporate stock plan business, which focuses on moving restricted equity shares that vest for senior company executives onto the home firm’s platform.

Unlike ETrade’s custody group for registered investment advisers, its stock plan conversion business is an industry leader, profitable and ready to plug into Morgan Stanley’s technology and platform.

“We’re seeing opportunities to grow through the stock plan business and conversion with ETrade,” Gorman told a group of investors during an online conference in June.

In the last year, Morgan Stanley pushed its way into the corporate stock plan conversion business when it bought the Canadian company Solium Capital Inc. for a price tag of about $900 million. The investment bank and wirehouse clearly has an opportunity to build that business once it closes its acquisition of ETrade, which is scheduled to occur before

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The New Regular: Your Post-Pandemic Business Plan

This is the fourteenth edition of my New Regular series devoted to helping small business owners have the maximum opportunity to open their businesses on January 1, 2021. Normal was caught stalking Dr. Fauci and arrested for not wearing a mask. 

Every Main Street business owner had a business plan when they opened for business in January 2020, from a fancy, multi-page model, to thoughts printed on the owner’s brain. Regardless, these two operators have one thing in common: They’re both going to need a new one. A post-pandemic, New Regular business plan. Stay with me – you’ll thank me later.

Emerging out of a government-mandated shutdown, we’re finding a marketplace shrouded in a fog of uncertainty. But the good news

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