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PTAA seeks visa-free entry of Korean tourists

The Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) has urged the Korean government for the granting of 100 percent visa-free entry of Filipino tourists as the tourism sector prepares for the eventual resumption of travel amid the still evolving pandemic.

President Ritchie Tuaño issued this appeal for 100 percent visa-free entry to the government during the Korea Tourism Organization travel webinar.

Currently, Filipinos are allowed visa free entry to Jeju Island.  There is also the new five-day visa entry that comes with the stipulation that Filipino tourists enter through a major city and exit through Jeju Island.

“While we commend the maximum five-day visa free entry, both our governments must work on a complete visa free entry,” Tuaño said while citing the Taiwan model which after giving visa free entry in 2017 has seen a rapid increase in Filipino tourists.

In the same webinar, the PTAA sought a partnership with its Korean

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‘North Korean cyber attackers masters in impersonation’

The cyber attackers being deployed by North Korea targeting its adversaries, especially the United States, are increasingly turning masters at impersonation.

This was among the fascinating insights offered by Ryan Sherstobitoff, senior analyst with the advanced threat research wing of software security giant McAfee, in a session at the 13th edition of the two-day cOcOn, the international hacking and cybersecurity conference organised by the Kerala Police, which got under way virtually on Friday.

He was talking about Hidden Cobra, the name given to North Korea’s cyber offensive programme by the US, which has spotted four major groups identified as Lazarus, Bluenoroff, Andariel, and APT37 as active under the programme.

Mr. Sherstobitoff said actors associated with Hidden Cobra had been impersonating defence sector employees since 2016 through fake profiles in LinkedIn, a US-based business and job-oriented online service. In fact, the US government tracked the number of impersonation campaigns targeting defence

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Arizona Senate candidate Jae Chin faced harassment from S. Korean regime


One legislative candidate’s seven-word Facebook biography attempts to capture his complex life in the simplest terms: “Freedom Fighter, political prisoner, received death penalty.”

Jae Chin, a small-business owner from Mesa vying for a seat in Arizona Senate, said he was a victim of harassment and worse by the former South Korean military government after fleeing to the United States.

It’s a backstory that he said involves an attempt to frame him for conspiring to assassinate a U.S. president, coercion by a Korean spy agency and the attempted murder of his father. That all happened in Texas, before Jae Chin and his family moved to Arizona for a fresh start.

Now, the dry cleaning business owner, who is a Republican running on a platform of being a champion for small businesses and liaison to the Korean community, says he hopes to put his past behind him to start another new

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