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Eggs peak at Rs 7, ‘cheap’ protein gets pricey | Kolkata News

Kolkata: Hatcheries that had suffered a major setback during the lockdown — due to multiple factors, including a decline in demand following a rumour that chickens were potential sources of nCov — are attempting to recover some of the losses by jacking up egg prices.
The demand has picked up as people have returned to eggs as a vital protein source to boost immunity to fight coronavirus. The retail price of egg was Rs 5 apiece till even a month ago but has steadily increased since and is Rs 7 per piece in most markets across the city at present. In department stores that sell branded eggs, the price per piece, at Rs 10-Rs 12.5, is higher. Though traders said the price could dip after Durga Puja, it is expected to again increase to Rs 7 or higher after Diwali when bakeries increase the demand for eggs for the winter
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90% business-class seats sold on 1st direct Kol-London flight in 11 years | Kolkata News

Kolkata: With barely two days to go, only 40% of the seats have been sold on the first direct flight to London from Kolkata in 11 years. But what’s left the airline as well as travel trade industry officials surprised is the high offtake of business class seats where the occupancy is nearly 90%. This is especially significant because two international carriers — Lufthansa and British Airways — had withdrawn flights from Kolkata, citing lack of business class passengers on the flight although the economy class clocked decent loads.
Sources in Air India said 14 out of the 16 business class seats on the Dreamliner flight that is scheduled to take off from Kolkata airport on Thursday had been sold. In contrast, only around 80-odd seats had been sold in the economy class that has a capacity of 218 passengers. The Boeing 787 has a configuration of 18 business class
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