It won’t be Knicks business as usual with Thibodeau

With the NBA season still going on, Tom Thibodeau finished off the odd “off-season” workout session with the Knicks this week. Only individual sessions with a few stragglers are still ongoing until the October 6 deadline the league and the NBPA set for the teams left out of the league restart this summer.

With no reporters allowed in, no players speaking (the Knicks were the only one of the eight teams left out to make no players available) and just a handful of social media highlight clips by the team to guide you, it might hard to discern any difference between what Thibodeau is hoping to create next season and debris left behind by the regimes heading up most of the last 20 years for the Knicks.

But if you listen to Thibodeau you get the sense that while the talent may be middling, the days of wondering about tanking

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