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Iowans’ Ideas: The power of kindness

Iowans’ Ideas are guest columns featuring the views of different Iowans.

Sometimes it takes a crisis to change things up and cause people to question the status quo.

Like many of you, I am ready for this global pandemic to end. I look forward to the day when our kids can hug their grandparents again; when we can all safely go to school, to work and out to eat; and to be able to gather for church, sporting events, live music, family get-togethers and special occasions.

Iowans have made big sacrifices and stepped up to help each other in ways we would had never imagined just months ago. Whether you are a small-business owner, health-care provider, teacher, hairstylist, child-care provider, farmer, parent, student or any other kind of essential worker — you’ve been pushed into making heavy decisions that impact your life and the lives of those connected to you.

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Nextdoor’s CEO proves how kindness makes business sense

Sarah Friar will be joining our flagship online event, TNW2020, to talk about how the power of kindness can work as a foundation for business. Secure your free ticket here and join us October 1 & 2.

The world of business is often denoted as cut-throat, competitive, and ruthless. And while this may of course be true, there’s also room for kindness — that’s at least what Sarah Friar, the CEO of Nextdoor, believes.

A seasoned CEO — she was previously at Square and Salesforce — Friar is a great believer that profit and kindness aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, she’s known for offering actionable insights on how monetization can be driven by responsibility and purpose.

Nextdoor is a hyperlocal social networking service for neighborhoods that seeks to bring people and local businesses together.

It monetizes by offering brands, local businesses, and public authorities and governments the opportunity

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Retired educator promotes kindness through cards – Business – Monroe News – Monroe, Michigan

“Sending a card is a simple act of kindness that can be done by anyone, anytime,” Kris Hudson said.

For Kris Hudson, making people smile is in the cards – literally.

The recently retired educator is an affiliate with SendOutCards (SOC), a company where individuals and businesses send greeting cards without having to go to the store.

Using an app on a cellphone or computer, SOC is an online service with a catalog of more than 14,000 greeting cards and gives customers the options to add photos or personal messages, so each card is as unique as the person receiving it.

“Sending a card is a simple act of kindness that can be done by anyone, anytime,” Hudson said. “Kindness has been shown to lower stress, lower social anxiety, increase sense of well-being and the list goes on. Study after study all point to the same thing: being kind is

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