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3 Keys to Sustainable Business Growth

Any business can have a good day, a good week, and even a good month. Yet, the best businesses –– the ones that thrive and grow for years at a time –– experience positive outcomes on a markedly consistent basis. Successful growth isn’t something that happens in bursts or once every few years. Rather, businesses that last are growing all of the time –– even in the midst of difficult economic conditions. Here, we’ll explore this subject further and list three keys to sustainable business growth:


Yes, customer acquisition is necessary for a business to grow. But without a strong customer retention rate, any gains will quickly be erased. Building up a loyalty customer base is very challenging. It requires excellent customer service, quality product implementation, and precise marketing. Without a steady stream of income from reliable sources, though, no business can realistically project long-term growth.

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3 Keys to Building a Highly Profitable Online Business

I recently met with a leading global strategist, Ingrid Arna, to discuss the current economic climate and how she built an online business empire from home. Ingrid shared with me her top strategies with me, which I found

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insightful and valuable. The following are Ingrid’s words about building an online business:


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Get your online business started now

Grinding through an MBA program and gathering thousands of dollars in venture capital aren’t the only ways to launch a multimillion-dollar online brand.

In fact, I did neither.

I started my online business and scaled rapidly with zero capital investment. Within 18 months, I’d made my first million online. And only three years into my business, I’d built a multimillion-dollar international company. I then went on to achieve 60% growth in the midst of a global pandemic.

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