Seaweed rum: a thirst for it? Distillery makes kelp drink, sells out

  • The Yorkshire Explorer Distillery makes rum using local seaweed. Its first batch sold out in less than two weeks.
  • Though the company launched two years ago as side business to an events company, the sales of its gin and rum have allowed both businesses to stay afloat during the pandemic.
  • The company credits the rum’s success to its emphasis on local produce and natural ingredients.
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Alcohol sales have boomed during the pandemic — and so has the market for local produce. One English company is combining these by flavoring its rum with local seaweed.

The Yorkshire Bartender usually provides mobile bar services at weddings and corporate events, as well as hosting gin and cocktail masterclasses. But the coronavirus pandemic has put a halt to these. Instead, the company has had to diversify to retain its revenue stream after losing around £500,000 ($640,000) in

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