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Meet the Socialists Keeping Alive Working-Class Politics in Melbourne

In March 2019, in the outer northern Melbourne suburb of Broadmeadows, a crowd of residents gathered outside the Hume City Council meeting, chanting “poison air isn’t fair!”

The snap protest was called by the Victorian Socialists (VS) in response to a factory fire at Bradbury Industrial Service’s chemical handling facility. The fire burned for days, blanketing parts of Campbellfield in toxic smoke. A speaker addressed the crowd, asking: “How many times do the people of the north and the west in the industrial suburbs of Melbourne have to get blasted with toxic waste?”

Almost one year later, residents of the same area won an important victory, blocking a proposed waste incinerator. At a meeting called to celebrate, one local activist commented “when the socialists got involved, the council really started to take notice.”

These scenes of collective action are a far cry from what is usually viewed as the “small-p

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Keeping Staff Safe And Expanding A Business Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Marie Labrosse, a master’s student in English literature at McGill University contributed to this story.

Fred Jalbout, CEO, Chairman, and owner of SACO Technologies always knew in the back of his mind that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. After finishing obtaining his degree in electro-mechanical engineering, he began working for a business that manufactured control panels as an assistant technician. Only four months later he was promoted to the role of full-fledged technician, and eight months later he became the production manager for the entire shop. Only a few months after that, he was the new operations manager for the company. 

But despite this quick ascent, Jalbout still couldn’t shake the hope that he would one day lead his own company. He felt that the

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Michael Franti Spearheads the Virtual-Concert Revolution While Keeping His Small Business Afloat

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Michael Franti has been around a minute. The 54-year-old Northern California native first debuted on the music scene in the mid-1980s as part of underground noise-rock raconteurs The Beatnigs. By the early ’90s, he’d moved on to seminal political hip-hop outfit The Disposable Hereos of Hiphoprisy. But it was his next and ultimate project — the band Spearhead — that brought all his influences to the fore, leading to more significant airplay on radio and MTV and a following that has endured for more than a quarter-century.

Today, Spearhead remains a melting pot for Franti’s excursions into everything from rap and punk to jazz and dancehall reggae, with a steadying emphasis on melody and uplift that tracks with the singer-songwriter’s evolving spirituality — as well as his decision, in 2011, to open the Soulshine Bali Yoga Retreat Hotel with longtime creative and business collaborator

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