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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Reveal How They Really Feel About Jana Starting Her Own Business

Jana Duggar has defied her role as a Duggar woman. The Counting On star recently revealed that she plans to start her own home decor business and hopes to one day have a brick and mortar store. But it’s unlike Duggar women to run their own business, and now her parents have opened up about how they feel about their oldest daughter taking this step.

Jana Duggar and Michelle Duggar
Jana Duggar and Michelle Duggar | Jana Duggar via Instagram

Jana Duggar revealed she’s planning to start her own business

During a recent episode of Counting On, Jana Duggar’s brother, John revealed that his twin sister was looking to start her own business. The Duggar family is full of entrepreneurs, and Jana is now taking steps to make her own money as well. Jana and John took a woodworking class while on a trip to Knoxville, Tennessee, and Jana went into detail about what

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Jana Duggar Reveals She’s Breaking Duggar Tradition and Starting Her Own Business

Counting On star Jana Duggar has never been one to follow the rest of the Duggar pack. People have constantly questioned why Duggar didn’t get married at a young age like her siblings, but she’s always been open about enjoying doing things her own way. Now, Duggar is breaking a major family tradition by starting her own business — something no other Duggar daughter has ever done.

jana duggar
Jana Duggar | Jana Duggar via Instagram

The Duggar women are raised to be wives and mothers

Michelle and Jim Bob raised their children very traditionally: The men make the money while the women care for the home and children. In the Duggar family, all of the daughters who have wed, along with the daughters-in-law, are stay-at-home mothers. The sons have started their own businesses, including car sales and home construction.

Some of the show’s viewers hope that the Duggar kids’ own daughters

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Insights From B Corp TMI Consulting’s Tiffany Jana

For many years, businesses shied from taking a stance on societal issues. But as more people look to align their careers and purchases with their values, companies are stepping up to address pressing issues. That’s especially apparent now, as calls for a more equitable society have become rally cries for racial justice in the wake of shootings and other violent attacks on People of Color — Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor — in just the last few months.

After Floyd’s murder, many businesses made public statements in support of Black Lives Matter and their desire for an economy and society that work for all people. But moving from words to actions to create that economy requires a commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion — a field known as JEDI. 

One leader in that field is Dr.

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