Greenwood couple partners with Italians to distribute olive oil

A family in Italy is now trusting these two Greenwood residents with bringing their olive oil to the United States to sell it online.

GREENWOOD, Ind. — When you think of locations to purchase authentic Italian Olive Oil, one south side family hopes that Greenwood, Indiana comes to mind. 

Nadia and Wade Cunningham are now the U.S. distributors of “Olio Fresia” olive oil. 

“They kind of picked us to help them launch and a business was born,” Nadia proudly states. “It’s crazy!”

In May of 2019, Nadia and Wade visited Italy to meet up with their 23 year-old daughter Lauren, who was a Roncalli grad traveling abroad. Lauren had become an au pair for the Fresia family in Imperia, Italy. 

When Nadia and Wade visited with Lauren, they immediately hit it off with the Fresia family. 

“We were at their kitchen table in their house,” Wade remembers. “We ordered pizza,

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