3 Israeli Startups Racing to Provide Business Solutions in a Post-Covid World

During history’s most trying times, some of the most helpful technologies have often emerged when invention is accelerated by urgency.

In recent months, we’ve seen interesting developments that both cater to the new norm of social distancing and provide direct healthcare solutions. This year, with the stakes raised and time of the essence, these Israeli startups in relevant fields rolled up their sleeves and got working on innovations that could benefit millions around the world.

Patient care: The full picture 

Several companies are racing to deliver a vaccine in the hopes of ending the pandemic. This process could take several months until it’s available for mass production. Media headlines and statements from politicians suggest it’s close, but until the FDA checks off the box, it remains to be seen how long it will take to inoculate enough individuals to significantly accelerate the herd immunity process.

In the meantime, healthcare providers

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