Q&A: Maintaining business continuity in the isolation era

Strategizing to preserve business continuity and prevent downtime is a continuing quest. From tapes to floppies to flash, companies have stored data in one form or another to restore in the event of catastrophe. Now, as remote operations become the norm, what is considered mission-critical has changed. So too has the speed of recovery.

In a world where the only acceptable downtime figure is zero, solutions must evolve to keep up.

“What we’ve seen is this genre of the ‘lights out data center’ … has become absolutely critical to operating a business today,” said Doc D’Errico (pictured, left), vice president, office of the chief technical officer, at Infinidat Ltd. “This whole concept of business continuity now encompasses not only the operations equipment … but it also encompasses applications that people need access to that they may not have thought of as mission-critical before.”

D’Errico and Ken Steinhardt (pictured, right), field

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