Australian police chief says ‘dangerous’ Irish man lied on visa application

A Co Kildare man, previously jailed for manslaughter, has been described as “dangerous” by Australian police who are seeking him in connection with two violent assaults after he entered the country on a student visa.

New South Wales (NSW) police commissioner Mick Fuller alleged that Patrick Farrell had lied on his visa application “in relation to his criminal history”.

Two warrants have been issued for the 29-year-old’s arrest since his arrival in the country. He is wanted in connection with a stabbing incident in Randwick, Sydney, on August 29th in which a man’s ear was almost severed. A number of Irish people were involved in the incident and a couple have been charged.

Farrell is also wanted in connection to a one-punch assault which happened in November in the beer garden of a hotel in Matraville, Sydney. A 56-year-old man who was allegedly punched was hospitalised for two days.


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