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ATW Training Solutions Releases 2020 Iowa Trends In Talent Development Survey

October 2, 2020

ATW Training Solutions recently released the results of its 14th annual “Iowa Trends in Talent Development Survey” conducted in partnership with New Horizons Computer Learning Center, the Association for Talent Development Central Iowa chapter (ATD-CI), and the Iowa Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) State Council. The survey, conducted between August 3-21, 2020, was completed by 117 respondents representing a variety of Iowa industries, companies, and organizations.

Talent Development Budgets Hold Steady

Survey results indicate that 50% of respondents expect budgets to stay the same next year, down slightly from 53.2% last year. Only slightly more (26.9%) companies expect to see budgets increase next year than companies who expect to see budgets decrease (23.2% – significantly higher than last year). Overall, next year appears to be a “hold steady” year when it comes to budgets.

More Employees are Working Remotely and Learning Virtually

87.8% of respondents indicate

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I’m a 61-year-old carpenter in Iowa who’s been losing customers since February. I’m starting to feel more confident about riding it out.

a man wearing glasses: Paul Krueger. Courtesy of Paul Krueger; Shayanne Gal/Business Insider

© Courtesy of Paul Krueger; Shayanne Gal/Business Insider
Paul Krueger. Courtesy of Paul Krueger; Shayanne Gal/Business Insider

  • The Unemployed States of America takes readers deep inside the decimated American workforce.
  • Paul Krueger is a 61-year-old carpenter based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • Krueger has worked in carpentry all his life and ran his own business specializing in cabinet making and custom woodwork.
  • He began losing customers in February as COVID-19 cases picked up throughout the state.
  • If work doesn’t pick up soon, Krueger says he may only last through September before he’ll need to shut down his design shop, and is worried about finding a fair-paying job at his age. 
  • This is his story, as told to Nick Dauk.
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I’ve been a carpenter all of my life and left a big company in Georgia to move closer to my family in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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Iowa City businesses brace for fall with no Hawkeye football

IOWA CITY — Danny Standley was expecting to have Iowa football’s home opener Sept. 5 on the television screens at Big Grove, not the Eastern Kentucky vs. Marshall college game.

There was supposed to be a DJ playing music and four signs spelling out “IOWA” on the stage.

But not this year.

A room usually full with fans donning black and gold and eyes glued to a projector screen was empty. The restaurant and brewery still had more than 125 people there, but it was a fraction of what its “Kinnick outside of Kinnick” environment usually held.

A couple miles away, Rich Wretman walked to Kinnick Stadium, like he’s done the past 45 years on the first Saturday of September. But he didn’t spend money at the pregame and postgame tailgates, nor was he wearing any black and gold. A parking lot next to Kinnick usually packed with tailgaters had

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Musical chairs and other dumb Iowa ideas during a pandemic

In sports we call them unforced errors. In normal life we call them missteps. But in a pandemic, we call them deadly and dumb.

Unfortunately, the drive to throw the schoolhouse door open for business five days a week, eight hours a day even in “hot zones” has spawned some pretty dumb ideas in the name of trying to pretend, “I’m OK, You’re OK.”

Iowa is not OK.

To me, opening schools with few restrictions, especially when the coronavirus test positivity rate is above 10 percent, is a little like letting Rosanne Barr sing the national anthem, and then acting shocked when it’s a dumpster fire.

I’m sure not an expert on a pandemics, but listening to experts and applying some common sense tells me these ideas don’t even pass a basic smell test.

Musical chairs

Some districts are trying to avoid quarantining students who are exposed or even asymptomatic

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