Former footballers start Komodo – influencer business dealing with Instagram’s superstars

From the jungles of Africa to mojitos in the Maldives, these boys have seen it all.

But for footballers turned marketing aficionados Nick Seymour and Joe Flowts, Australia will always be the destination to beat. 

The former international rugby players run Komodo, a global influencer and social marketing agency putting Australia on the map for some of the biggest global fast fashion companies.  

With links to brands like Pretty Little Thing and Missguided, the agency is hoping to lure tourists back to Australia as soon as the COVID crisis is over – and they’re using creative photo shoots and Australian models to do it. 

When COVID hit Australian shores, the Komodo team were in Thailand for their annual global conference. 

They’d only recently opened an office in Los Angeles, and had big plans in motion for the future of the brand just three years after launching. 

‘Just in time for

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