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An M.C. Escher Inspired Parking Lot for Bikes is Open for Business in The Hague

One of these places is best known as the Netherlands. Here, bikes have been a staple of daily life for decades. One of the cities in the region, The Hague, has taken bike riding to a whole new level. The newest addition to their infrastructure is a parking lot. But remember it’s a parking lot in a region overrun with bikes, makes sense that it’s only for bikes.

To get an understanding of what is happening in this space, we want you to imagine for a second how we park our cars. We usually park in flat 2D parking spaces. Or if we’re lucky enough, our cities have multi-level parking structures. But even those parking lots allow for cars to be parked only layer at a time.

Now, because the bike is smaller than a car, different mechanics can be used in storing or parking them. This parking structure by

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New business owner inspired by grandmother’s baking – News – The Topeka Capital-Journal

HAVILAND — Lela’s Bakery & Coffeehouse, owned by Madi Schneider, opened for a special preview event Monday in Haviland.

The purpose of this event was to get people in the door to try some baked goods that will be for sale, get to know the new owner and see all of the renovations to the building.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect going into tonight, but I was hopeful that there would be a good turnout, and I was pleasantly surprised,” Schneider said. “It was so encouraging to see how excited people are about what’s going on at Lela’s.”

Schneider baked all day to make eight dozen cookies, 60 cinnamon rolls and two dozen miniature loaves of banana bread for guests at the event, and by 8 p.m., there were only a few cookies left. Some of the baked goods were vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free to ensure there was something

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