An Inspirational Guide for Uncertain Times: 7 ideas and resources for marketers and business leaders to help spark your next great success

uncertain times guide

This article was originally published in the MarketingSherpa email newsletter.

 “When will things get back to normal?” Have you heard that question a lot lately? I sure have.

Here’s my take on it — there is no normal. Things are always changing. That is the nature of the world and especially the marketing industry.

Yes, COVID-19 has sent shockwaves the world over changing how we greet, eat, meet and so much more. It has unsettled so many of us because it is a change felt by everyone, in every industry, in every country, all the time, with no clear end.

However, you have probably faced equally disruptive changes in your industry, your company or your job role. Perhaps your company was acquired or lost a major customer, or a new competitor entered your field and changed everything. New technology may have changed how you do your job or how

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