The Matriarchal Business Is A Pacific Island Woman’s Indigenous Marketing Framework

The origins of The Matriarchal Business are best explained through two stories, the first being how founder Clarinda Braun was raised. Clarinda, 33, was born in New Zealand the year of the 1987 military coups in Fiji, to Samoan and Fijian parents that had escaped what they perceived to be an unstable situation just two weeks prior. 

In New Zealand, her mother worked in the “immigrant entrepreneurial” style, Clarinda says, meaning “whatever it takes to provide for the family—that’s what we’re doing.” Her mother worked as a university lecturer, a facilitator, a social worker, in sales, in hospitality, and cleaning. She baked cakes to sell and learnt how to build greenhouses to then teach others. In island-style family members, and especially the children, are brought along so that from a young age Clarinda saw her mother at job interviews and presentations,

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