Eggs peak at Rs 7, ‘cheap’ protein gets pricey | Kolkata News

Kolkata: Hatcheries that had suffered a major setback during the lockdown — due to multiple factors, including a decline in demand following a rumour that chickens were potential sources of nCov — are attempting to recover some of the losses by jacking up egg prices.
The demand has picked up as people have returned to eggs as a vital protein source to boost immunity to fight coronavirus. The retail price of egg was Rs 5 apiece till even a month ago but has steadily increased since and is Rs 7 per piece in most markets across the city at present. In department stores that sell branded eggs, the price per piece, at Rs 10-Rs 12.5, is higher. Though traders said the price could dip after Durga Puja, it is expected to again increase to Rs 7 or higher after Diwali when bakeries increase the demand for eggs for the winter
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