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7 ways to effectively ensure IT-business alignment

In an ideal universe, the IT and business worlds would be perfectly aligned, with IT supplying business leaders with the strategic plans and resources necessary to achieve maximum performance, efficiency and profits.

Yet, as you may have noticed, seeking perfection can be a somewhat elusive quest. In the real world, IT leaders are often left guessing whether the plans they’ve created and the technologies they’ve selected are actually fulfilling enterprise expectations. Business leaders, meanwhile, frequently fret that IT isn’t fully tuned in to actual enterprise needs and challenges.

Fortunately, there are proven methods that enable IT leaders to gain a clear understanding of the IT-business relationship. The following seven suggestions show how to build a productive partnership that will satisfy stakeholders’ needs while meeting IT’s time and budget constraints.

1. Build close business relationships

Whether face-to-face or Zoom-to-Zoom, IT leaders should set aside time to meet and discuss important matters

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What Are Business Simulations, And How Can Companies Utilize Them Effectively?

President of Simulation Studios, where he utilizes business simulations within the top global corporations.

At one time, business simulations were relatively unknown tools, mostly due to the high barrier for entry and usage. As the president of a company that offers business simulations, I’ve witnessed firsthand how much has changed in the last five or so years to make these strategically valuable tools more accessible. Here’s how to determine if a business simulation is the right fit for you and your company.

What is a business simulation?

A business simulation is a tool for creating highly engaging, hands-on and business-applicable scenarios in leadership development training. Historically, they were both paper- and computer-based, but most simulations nowadays are digital. Business simulations are combined with in-person, leader-led facilitation in order to get the most out of the process. (In my experience, dropping individuals into a simulation with no facilitator rarely

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