Brisk business: City of Edmonton considers extending temporary patio season

Traditional patio weather is coming to an end, but as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Edmonton bar and restaurant owners are hoping to serve customers outdoors all winter.

Earlier this year, the City of Edmonton relaxed rules for temporary patios, allowing restaurants and breweries to expand onto sidewalks and streets without paying a fee or obtaining a development permit.

Temporary patios introduced under these rules are permitted until Dec. 31, but some business owners say if given the opportunity they would keep them open through the winter.

“We’re planning on extending it until as long as we can in the winter,” said Kyla Kazeil, co-owner of The Common.

The gastropub took advantage of the city’s relaxed rules this summer by extending its patio onto the sidewalk of 109th Street. The patio is winterized, with seven heaters.

“There’s interest and appetite to explore this,” said Nick Lilley, interim executive director of the

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