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Rise of Fintech May be Small Business Ecosystem’s Biggest Game-Changer, According to Industry Veteran

Sadie Williamson, founder of Williamson Fintech Consulting, notes that the rise of Fintech may be considered the small business ecosystem’s “biggest game-changing” developments of the past several years.

Williamson acknowledges that Fintech products aren’t yet mature enough to fully replace legacy banking systems. However, she claims that they’ve been disrupting traditional banking platforms and service providers for a relatively long time.

Williamson writes in a blog post published by Due:

“One of the areas where Fintech has had the largest impact is small business lending. This has been a haven for traditional and smaller community banks, but today they face increasingly stiff competition from a wide range of Fintech companies. Small businesses typically issue credit to their customers, and this places stress on their working capital. Without a line of credit, it’s harder to find a good credit card processor to work with, and it’s impossible to pay

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How Chinese Industry Giants are Leading the World by Creating Enormous Business Ecosystems

Spider Media

China business ecosystem research
China business ecosystem research
China business ecosystem research

SHANGHAI, China, Sept. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global media agency, Spider Media recently released an in-depth insight into the world of Chinese ecosystems. Taking a look at how these ecosystems are formed, operate and develop, the team presented a comparative analysis of three very different industries and styles. The report specifically outlines how food logistics, big-tech and manufacturing oftentimes use similar ideas to organize themselves into highly-efficient ecosystems of interdependence.

As the undisputed global leaders in manufacturing, China has for years been perfecting the model of open innovation within large business ecosystems. Adding to much of the country’s economic rise over recent decades, these huge ecosystems are comprised of a great number of smaller component parts that allow for ultra-specialization at each individual point in the business cycle.  
Oftentimes spanning multiple verticals, these ecosystems are seen everywhere from digital

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A call for business ideas that protect African wildlife, ecosystems

CAPE TOWN — An innovation challenge launched this month hopes to inspire new ideas for businesses that will provide people in Africa with sustainable incomes while protecting ecosystems.

The African Leadership University’s Kigali-based School of Wildlife Conservation (SOWC) approaches conservation with the aim of enabling African communities to “take ownership of wildlife and the environment” as an incentive to protect ecosystems. The Beyond Tourism in Africa innovation challenge, seeking to uncover non-tourism business ideas for the “wildlife economy,” emerges from the school’s view of nature as “a great pillar of economic growth for Africa.”

The challenge is a joint venture between SOWC, WWF Africa, and the Switzerland-based Luc Hoffmann Institute. Applications opened on Sept. 1. Up to 15 finalists will be selected in November; they will spend several months in ALU’s incubator program next year, developing their ideas before pitching them to investors in September 2021.

Tourism is the most

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