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Japan’s innovative life sciences sector risks falling behind global rivals, according to Economist Intelligence Unit report

  • High-quality scientific publications from Japan decreased by 17% between 2015 and 2019, while China’s increased by 80% during the same period.
  • Women make up only 15% of the R&D workforce, and foreign researchers account for only 5.6% of the R&D workforce in Japan vs. 28% in the US
  • Investment in R&D in Japan is far below that of the US or China (US$18.1bn vs. US$179bn and US$100bn, respectively).

TOKYO, JAPAN – Media OutReach – 29 September 2020 – Medical innovation in the life sciences requires a holistic policy and market access environment that supports everything from basic science to product research and development (R&D) and, ultimately, commercialization. Though North America and Europe are historically leaders in innovation for the life sciences, Japan has been a leading contributor from Asia for decades. However, emerging life science sectors in South Korea, and more recently China, are quickly catching up after investing heavily

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Biden’s tax plan could destroy 3M jobs, former Trump economist projects

Joe Biden’s proposal to hike taxes on corporations and wealthy Americans could dramatically shrink the nation’s economy and destroy millions of jobs, according to new projections from President Trump’s former chief economist.

The Democratic presidential candidate’s plan would increase the tax rates on capital and labor income, ultimately resulting in about 3 million fewer full-time employees and reducing the nation’s GDP by about 4% to 5%, according to a draft of a soon-to-be-published report by Casey Mulligan, who previously served as chief economist of the White House Council of Economic Advisers.

That translates into a loss of roughly $8,000 per household per year, according to the study, a copy of which was shared with FOX Business.


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Structural changes required to make Japan’s health system sustainable, according to Economist Intelligence Unit report

  • Challenges from ageing populations and covid-19 are putting pressure on Japan’s health system
  • Japan’s health system falls behind its peers in terms of long-term strategic perspective
  • Price review and setting mechanism introduces unintended inefficiencies in the health system and act as a brake on structural reform

TOKYO, JAPAN – Media OutReach – 23 September 2020 – Japan’s healthcare system has kept the country remarkably healthy with relatively minor changes for nearly six decades. The system provides universal care, extensive coverage and the most innovative treatments at a cost that is accessible to all. Yet the scope of coverage in the Japanese system obscures the extent to which policymakers have put off making necessary but difficult choices. In particular, the lack of regulation of demand for health services, the pressures of an ageing population and the underdeveloped system for determining cost-benefit for health investments could paralyse Japan’s healthcare system as the

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