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The IAG share price just dropped 30% in a day. Is it now too cheap to ignore?

The IAG (LSE: IAG) share price has plunged nearly 80% this year, making it one of the worst performers on the London Stock Exchange. A further decline of 30% yesterday has taken the shares back to prices not seen since 2009. So with the airline owner priced at just 135p, is it now the perfect time to buy?

What caused the 30% fall?

In order to strengthen its balance sheet, reduce leverage and enhance liquidity, IAG decided to issue nearly 3bn new shares. This meant that the company was able to raise €2.7bn in extra cash. In theory, this does sound very positive. However, by issuing more shares, it leads to stock dilution and this decreases shareholders’ ownership in the company. This subsequently led to the drop in the share price.

In the case of IAG, the share dilution was severe. In fact, for every two shares currently held,

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Chloe Weinthal, 20, dropped out of Year 12 to launch Sahara Soul and is now making $12,000 a month

A self-taught businesswoman who dropped out of high school at the end of Year 11 is now making $12,000 a month with her range of cruelty-free tan.

Chloe Weinthal quit her job as a retail assistant at clothing label Kookai to launch a vegan tanning label at the tender age of 17 in February 2018. 

The teenager from Wanneroo, a northern suburb of Perth, had no experience in business or cosmetics – just a serious passion for fake tan.

Just over two-and-a-half years later, Sahara Soul ships hundreds of orders from its Melbourne factory to customers around the world and has earned Ms Weinthal, now 20, upwards of $90,000 in the past year.

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Self-taught entrepreneur Chloe Weinthal, who had no experience in business or cosmetics when she launched an organic self-tanning range at the age of 17 in February 2018

Sydney influencer Mimi Perkins wears Sahara Soul's tanning foam, which is made with DHA - a colour additive typically reserved for spray tan solutions - vitamin C, aloe vera and coconut oil

Sydney influencer Mimi Perkins wears Sahara

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