These College Dropouts Have Built A Fast-Growing Business Creating Viral Ads That Look Like Memes

Low-brow jokesters Reid Hailey (left) and Derek Lucas are thriving in an ad apocalypse by making some of the internet’s most widely shared memes for big brands like Bud Light, Netflix and Activision.

When Bud Light wanted to end 2019 with a Christmastime digital ad campaign, the beer giant turned not to Madison Avenue’s mad men but to two 29-year-old dudes in Atlanta: Reid Hailey and Derek Lucas. Their Doing Things Media quietly runs some of Instagram’s most popular meme accounts, like @NoChaser (7.9 million followers), @ShitHeadSteve (6 million) and @AnimalsDoingThings (4.6 million), and they also specialize in creating ads that resemble memes. For Bud Light’s yuletide marketing, they came up with an image of two guys joking about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reinbeer, who turns out to be a crudely Photoshopped Bud Light can with antlers and a cherry-red schnoz—dad humor at its finest. Then, in February, when Bud

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