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Stanford Pair Win Nobel For Economic Ideas Driving Ebay, Cellphone Spectrum Sales

by Erik Sherman

Going once, going twice—the winners of this year’s Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences are two Stanford economists whose work lets the world make mobile phone calls, switch on a light, and buy and sell on eBay.

Robert Wilson and Paul Milgrom, are famous for their groundbreaking work on auction theory. They took the 2,500-year-old practice of selling goods to the highest bidder and transformed how they worked and how the world looked at a result.

One of the major areas they developed was analysis of how the rules that govern auctions affect the efficiency of the outcomes—how bidders get the value they want, sellers maximize their income, and the process can happen more easily and quickly. Then they found ways to move beyond the fast-talking and gavel-banging stereotype of an auction and into many new types that new rules could enable.

“Sometimes the invisible hand of the

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NICE to Showcase Strategies for Driving Agile Customer and Employee Experiences

New thought leadership focused virtual events bring together acclaimed industry and product experts delivering insights on boosting performance and satisfaction using analytics, automation, cloud and WFM

NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) today announced the launch of new virtual events presenting thought leadership and best practices for ensuring extraordinary experiences in the face of dynamic change. While many organizations have ensured business continuity by having employees operate remotely from home or in hybrid remote/in-office environments, neither the pandemic nor the pace of change is showing signs of abating. Agility in understanding the implications of change and swiftly making critical decisions that drive unparalleled customer and employee satisfaction is pivotal to business success. This series of virtual events, named ‘Agile Customer Experience: Leadership for a New Reality’ will demonstrate how organizations can leverage intelligent analytics, automation, cloud and WFM technology to deliver agile customer experiences that generate loyalty. For more information or to sign

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driving religious religious out of business

Tim Busch, Opinion contributor
Published 6:00 a.m. CT Oct. 11, 2020

Woke capitalism is forcing business owners to choose ideological sides or get out of business.

When I started my first business 40 years ago, I had to ask myself a lot of questions. Where should I get office space? What is my revenue model? How could I expand? And many others. But there’s one question I’d have to ask now that I didn’t have to ask then: Do I need to abandon my faith?

The rise of so-called “woke capitalism” has put religious belief on a collision course with entrepreneurship and economic participation. Where once business was about innovating and improving lives, now companies are being pressured by political leaders and activists to toe a variety of ideological lines.

Woke capitalism threatens religious freedom

The ever-shifting list of demands ranges from supporting slavery reparations to opposing the police, from

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Latinx leaders championing diversity and driving change in business

  • For Hispanic Heritage month, Business Insider partnered with We Are All Human, a nonprofit championing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to identify 10 Latinx business leaders driving change within their communities. 
  • From entrepreneurs making personal finance more accessible to Spanish speakers, to nonprofit founders helping young Latinx women achieve career success, these 10 leaders are working for change.
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

For Hispanic Heritage Month, Business Insider wanted to spotlight Latinx business leaders driving change not only through their work, but within their communities.

The Black Lives matter protests and the ongoing pandemic have led to louder and more effective calls for racial and ethnic equality in the US. The demand for action has spilled into the business world, where leaders across industries are starting to push for change and actionable reform. 

To help us find Latinx leaders whose impact

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Tesco’s online business grows 90% in three months, driving profits up 29%, as habits shift again – Industry

Tesco: online and local stores drive growth

Tesco: online and local stores drive growth

Tesco’s online business has grown by a whopping 90% across the three months to the end of August, driving overall food sales up by 9% and seeing pre-tax profits for the half year hit £551 million.


The shift to online is part of a wider change in shopping habits, which has seen consumers doing a large weekly shop online, then heading to local Tesco stores for a top up.


This has seen large store sales grow by just 1.4%, while the retailer’s local store portfolio has seen a 7.6% rise in sales across the period. Average basket sizes in large stores have, however, risen by 56% as shoppers make fewer trips.


However, with the surge in online happing more rapidly than expected and with these changes in shopper habits coming down the pipe, Tesco has also incurred a hefty £553 million bill for

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Cheap land may be driving boom in illegal eastern Ontario pot grow-ops

Cheap land may be driving a proliferation of grow-ops in rural eastern Ontario, one that’s seen Ontario Provincial Police charge dozens of people and seize tens of millions of dollars of illegal cannabis in just over two months.

In that time, the region’s seen 18 drug busts that have led to 126 people arrested on charges that they illegally grew cannabis.

Nearly 59,000 plants were seized in the busts — an approximate street value of at least $70 million — along with hundreds of kilograms of processed cannabis, guns, cash and production equipment.

Police estimate each plant is worth between $1,200 and $1,400. The raids took place between July 29 and Oct. 2, at mostly rural addresses within a few hundred kilometres of Ottawa.

Strange goings-on

At one mid-September bust of a large outdoor operation in McArthurs Mills, Ont., midway between Bancroft, Ont., and Renfrew, Ont., OPP charged 26 people

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Google Maps is more than just driving directions. 5 clever tricks to start using today


Wherever you’re headed, Google Maps can give you a snapshot of what you’ll find when you get there, from real-time crowd numbers to menus, prices and contact information.

Angela Lang/CNET

I seldom use Google Maps to actually get directions, but I open the app almost every day for other reasons that might not be so obvious. Truth is, Google Maps is useful for a lot more than just showing you how to get from Point A to Point B. Beneath all those Christmas-colored traffic patterns and high-res satellite images hides a powerful search tool that offers crowdsourced real-time data on restaurants, retail stores, professional offices, public parks and practically anywhere else you’d want to go.

Some of Google Maps’ recent updates include adding a coronavirus information layerpaying for parking, improved images and sidewalk maps, and improved location sharing. Turn-by-turn directions are so last decade, comparatively

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Insulet (PODD) Hits a New 52-Week High: What’s Driving It?

Shares of Insulet Corporation PODD reached a new 52-week high of $242.13 on Sep 30, before closing the session marginally lower at $236.59. The stock has rallied 7.3% since its second-quarter 2020 earnings announcement on Aug 6.

The company is witnessing an upward trend in its stock price, prompted by strength in the Omnipod system, both in the United States and international markets. Insulet’s pandemic-led initiatives and a booming diabetes market bode well. Further, the company’s solid performance in the second quarter of 2020 despite the pandemic-led business disruptions boosted market sentiments. However, a stiff competitive landscape and sole reliance on the Omnipod system are concerning.

Let’s delve deeper.

Q2 Performance

Insulet exited second-quarter 2020 with better-than-expected results. The company registered strong year-over-year improvement in revenues in the second quarter on solid uptake of the Omnipod system, both in the United States and international markets. The momentum of Omnipod DASH

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Alliance Data Launches Market-Leading Online Payment Features with Enhanced Digital Suite, Driving Customer Acquisition and Spend

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Alliance Data Systems Corporation (NYSE: ADS), a leading provider of data-driven marketing, loyalty and payment solutions, today announced its Card Services business, a provider of market-leading private label, co-brand and commercial credit card programs, has launched its new Enhanced Digital Suite. A group of marketing and credit applications features designed to increase customer awareness and adoption of payment options by promoting credit earlier in the shopping experience, Enhanced Digital Suite is a comprehensive solution for brand partners designed to capitalize on online trends while increasing sales and customer acquisition rates.

Strategic Digital Features Align with Online Growth
In recent months, e-commerce platforms have quickly replaced physical shopping channels, with 10 years of growth occurring in just 90 days1. Enhanced Digital Suite reflects the changing landscape by creating a seamless process for customers to adopt, apply for and use payment options online.

Through the

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Distracted driving business case is a call-to-action for Canada’s employers

Distracted Driving & Workplace Safety Policies: A Business Case for Employers

See link in press release to download CCDD Business Case in English
See link in press release to download CCDD Business Case in English
See link in press release to download CCDD Business Case in English

Distracted Driving & Workplace Safety Policies: A Business Case for Employers – Executive Summary

See link in press release to download CCDD Business Case – Executive Summary in English
See link in press release to download CCDD Business Case – Executive Summary in English
See link in press release to download CCDD Business Case – Executive Summary in English

OTTAWA, Sept. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) released a new report, Distracted Driving & Workplace Safety Policies: A Business Case for Employers, from its Canadian Coalition on Distracted Driving. It was developed in consultation with The Co-operators, Drop It And Drive®, the trucking industry, and workplace health and safety representatives. This report underscores the importance of distracted driving policies in the workplace

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