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With few students and no fall sports, business dries up around ODU

Ynot Italian founder Tony DiSilvestro is unequivocal about how the loss of an Old Dominion University football season and a truncated fall semester have affected his business.

“It’s been really tough,” DiSilvestro said.

Businesses near the campus of ODU have been through mandated closures and restrictions on their capacity, but the fall semester has brought with it more trouble: no sporting events and a decreased student presence on campus.

Ynot is the ticket sponsor for both ODU athletics and campus events and also sells its pizza at football games and during events in the Chartway Arena. DiSilvestro said the lack of events has taken a huge chunk out of his company’s business.

Even his physical location in Ghent has been suffering due to a late start and a lack of ODU students. University leaders decided to start the fall semester two weeks later than expected and operate with a mix

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NY jobless to get $300 per week boost until funding dries up

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — As many as 2 million unemployed New Yorkers will start receiving their share of an extra $300-a-week assistance boost next week from a temporary federal fund that’s running out of money.

The state is contacting another 435,000 individuals who are eligible for the boost once they submit additional documentation, according to a state Department of Labor press release Thursday.

State labor officials say eligible New Yorkers will start receiving payments for the weeks ending Aug. 2, 9, and 16.

The federal government has said all eligible recipients will receive six weeks worth of the $300-a-week boost over a period that ended Sept. 5.

But that temporary boost implemented by President Donald Trump is about to end, with no extension in sight.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency told The Associated Press on Thursday that it has distributed $30 billion of the $44 billion it had set

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