Exclusive: Dreamscape, ASU partner to bring classes into VR

Arizona State University, which has been at the forefront of the shift to online learning, is partnering with VR startup Dreamscape to help make its classes more cinematic in both approach and storytelling.

The big picture: Shifting in-person classes online too often feels like a “less than” experience. The partners hope that a more ambitious digital transformation of teaching can actually improve on the traditional classroom.


  • The Dreamscape Learn modules will be able to be experienced via a full-body VR suit, wearing just a headset, or even on a traditional two-dimensional display.
  • The first will teach biology, using real concepts applied to a fictional alien universe, using avatar-based VR.
  • ASU is devoting 150 employees and millions of dollars to build a VR lab.
  • ASU and Dreamscape will jointly own the work, which they aim to offer to other schools and, potentially, direct to students. ASU is also
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