How a major retailer quickly met a dramatic increase in online orders due to COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic overwhelmed the globe, agility became the top priority for just about every business. Almost overnight, organizations needed to quickly adapt to a new normal – from ensuring employees could work from home to ramping up online options for goods and services.

The inside story of how one retailer quickly adapted

One industry that needed to rapidly scale online activity was retail, due to the sudden increase in online sales and demand for delivery options. Ecommerce surged in March, and currently it shows no sign of slowing. Retailers needed to rapidly ramp up their online presence if they were to stay competitive.

One specialty retailer was better prepared than many in the industry for this dramatic spike in online shopping. In the early 2000s, the retailer realized that to be successful, it had to focus on its online business. That meant a huge push toward digitally transforming

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