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Cap Times Idea Fest: The economic downturn is hitting Madison Latinos hard. Here’s what the city can do. | Neighborhoods

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Eugenia Podestá, senior director of economic empowerment and entrepreneurship at Vital Voices Global Partnership and co-owner of Synergy Coworking is seen here at Synergy Coworking in 2017. 

Ramon Ortiz, vice chair of the Latino Chamber of Commerce, said the pandemic has “peeled back the veneer of civilized society,” highlighting disparities across the country. In Wisconsin, where Hispanic and Asian or Asian American residents are among the fastest-growing populations, he said, those fighting for equality must understand the backdrop for their struggle. 

Wisconsin “has one of the greatest racial disparities between Black and white,” Ortiz said. “It has yet to even grapple with that, let alone try to address the complexity of Latinos and Asians within this new milieu of race and politics.”

[After paying off its mortgage, Mt. Zion partners to offer mental health services]

48 most powerful Latinos in Wisconsin (copy)

Ramon Ortiz, shown here in a 2016 file photo, is

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5 Out-of-the-Box Strategies for Growing During a Downturn

Take lessons from baseball to guide your business decisions.

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

“If the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be.” —Yogi Berra

In today’s environment, entrepreneurs must extend resources longer than would have ever been expected six months ago. In the spirit of baseball and missing being in the crowd, here are five tips to help entrepreneurs meet the curve balls of challenging economies.

1. Execute successfully “inside the box” before you can successfully step out

When a batter assumes a batting stance, both feet must be inside the four-by-six-foot batter’s box and entirely on the ground. It’s the same for winning entrepreneurs. Successful out-of-the-box thinking is always grounded in business fundamentals — cash management, market validation and company culture.

  • Cash management. Whether a startup is bootstrapping or has received investment capital, cash will always be tight. Protect
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4 Tips For Launching a B2B Company in a Downturn

Starting a business is a challenge even in favorable market conditions, and during an economic downturn it requires extra work. Businesses tend to cut their budgets in trying times, and with it, the likelihood of establishing new partnerships with business-to-business (B2B) software or service providers. That said, some of the most successful B2B companies were launched during crises including Slack, Zoom, and Square. 

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Unlike business-to-consumer (B2C) customers, who won’t buy anything that isn’t tangible, B2B ventures can pitch products and services that don’t necessarily exist yet, and make good headway with clients. Research from McKinsey shows that, rather than waiting for an economic recovery, B2B companies that act swiftly to capture markets in a crisis are more likely to thrive.


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The ability to persuade customers on their future potential is what gives B2B startups more agility to gain momentum despite harsh conditions. Drawing

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Weekly High Frequency Indicators: First – Ambiguous – Evidence Of Consumer Spending Downturn


I look at the high frequency weekly indicators because while they can be very noisy, they provide a good nowcast of the economy and will telegraph the maintenance or change in the economy well before monthly or quarterly data is available. They are also an excellent way to “mark your beliefs to market.” In general, I go in order of long-leading indicators, then short-leading indicators, then coincident indicators.

A Note on Methodology

Data is presented in a “just the facts, ma’am” format with a minimum of commentary so that bias is minimized.

Where relevant, I include 12-month highs and lows in the data in parentheses to the right. All data taken from St. Louis FRED unless otherwise linked.

A few items (e.g., Financial Conditions indexes, regional Fed indexes, stock prices, the yield curve) have their own metrics based on long-term studies of their behavior.

Where data is seasonally adjusted,

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