Students wrongly accused of cheating in visa test take fight to Downing Street

a group of people holding a sign: Photograph: Victoria Jones/PA

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Photograph: Victoria Jones/PA

International students who lost their right to live and study in the UK after being wrongly accused of cheating in an English language test sent a letter to Downing Street on Thursday, as part of an ongoing campaign to clear their names.

The 200 students are some of about 34,000 accused by the Home Office of cheating in the English language tests they needed to pass in order to secure their visas. More than 1,000 students have been removed from the UK as a result of the accusation, and many were arrested and detained by immigration enforcement officers, but large numbers say they were wrongly accused.

“We were innocent but our visas were refused or revoked and the government gave us no way to defend ourselves. Our futures were destroyed and we were left to fight a years-long legal battle costing each

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