Marketing Domains in the Times of COVID-19

As a marketer, if I could describe 2020 in two words; it would be unpredictable and volatile. While resilience is one of the crucial skills to master in marketing, it is truly being tested in 2020. At the same time, it’s obvious that a business’s ability to adapt quickly will determine how it will emerge on the other side of this unfortunate situation.

Back in December 2019, when we were charting out our annual digital marketing plan for the current year, we didn’t, in the least bit, expect it to become obsolete in a span of a few months.

In March, we were back to square one trying to make sense of the situation and adjust our messaging and create a valuable plan for our partners and businesses globally.

At Radix, we decided to take the situation head-on, right from diving into past data to overhauling our promotional messaging within

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