Fresno’s Precision River K9 Training linked to death or starvation of multiple dogs

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Outrage is growing against a Fresno pet training facility after several families say they’ve lost beloved dogs there.

The heartbroken pet owners are united in trying to find answers about missing, “diseased”, and deceased animals – with one common link – they were all under the care of Precision River K-9 Training in Fresno, run by Sarah Rose.

Action News obtained documents and veterinarian records from pet owners as part of our investigation.

We’ve built a timeline of their claims against the training facility.

In October 2019, a female pit bull named Stormie went to the facility for board and training. On February 4th this year, she died. Her picture was posted by a bully rescue. The rescue is still trying to get vet records and piece together how and why Stormie died.

On August 5th, two Doberman puppies, King and Kano, went in for training

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