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Data Doctors: Beware of Facebook business manager scams

Data Doctors’ Ken Colburn gives tips on protecting your Facebook business page from scammers.

Q: I’ve been contacted by someone claiming that they want to advertise on my Facebook business page and they sent me a business manager invite to get started. Is this legit or is this some type of scam?

Scammers have long coveted Facebook business or fan pages and they have a variety of ways to trick users into unwittingly giving up control of them.

What you are describing is the most recent iteration of a scam that uses the promise of making money to trick users of Facebook business pages into giving up administrative control.

It generally starts with a private message from someone claiming they represent advertisers that want to pay you to advertise on your business page. This can come from either a Facebook or Instagram message, since they are generally both connected through

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Training future doctors virtually – POLITICO

IT’S ABOUT WEBSIDE MANNER: First-year medical students this time of year would normally be hunched over fomaldehyde-soaked cadavers, cutting through muscle and bone. But Covid-19 is upending that centuries-old tradition, pushing medical training into the digital world.

The students instead are likelier to be donning headsets and immersing themselves in virtual, three-dimensional dissections. Some wear “smart glasses” that display cross-sections of the body before their eyes. Others are taking histories from eerie-looking computer-generated patients rattling off symptoms.


Perhaps nowhere has the pandemic more fundamentally rocked education than in medical schools. Administrators who were already experimenting with these high-tech tools are accelerating their use during the pandemic to keep future doctors on track while lecture halls, labs and practice exam rooms are closed.

Out with the old: Educators say it’s the perfect chance to permanently swap out med school staples

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