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Cheap Core Investment ETFs to Diversify for the Long Term

As investors consider the political ramifications of the upcoming presidential election, exchange traded fund investors should be prepared for what the market implications may be of either outcome and what that could mean for investment portfolios.

In the recent webcast, An Election Playbook for Client Portfolios, Liz Young, Director of Market Strategy, BNY Mellon Investment Management; Chris Lucas, Director of Global Government Affairs, BNY Mellon; David Vandivier, Director of Global Government Affairs, BNY Mellon; and Stephanie M. Pierce, CEO of ETF, Index and Cash Investment Strategies, BNY Mellon Investment Management, warned that the coronavirus pandemic is far from over and remains a top risk in today’s market environment. While widespread lockdowns are unlikely, negative news updates will continue through the end of fall. Furthermore, BNY Mellon anticipated that expectations of an opposing party win could continue to cause market weakness ahead.

Overall, BNY Mellon argued that investors should not

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Spirit AeroSystems’ Plan to Diversify Away from Boeing Is Falling Apart

Try as it will, Spirit AeroSystems Holdings (NYSE:SPR) just can’t seem to break free from former parent Boeing (NYSE:BA).

Spirit has attempted a number of ill-fated efforts to diversify away from Boeing in the years since its 2005 spinoff. Its latest effort, which showed great promise heading into 2020, appears to be unraveling during what is a chaotic time for commercial aerospace.

The ramifications would set Spirit’s growth back for years, and could reverberate through the entire commercial aerospace supply chain.

Getting out from under Boeing’s wing

Spirit is the one-time fuselage operation of Boeing, and the company still generates about three-quarters of its revenue from its former parent. Early in its history, the company tried to diversify its business by acquiring mostly low-margin castoffs from other suppliers, and it spent the better part of the last decade shedding those units and strengthening its core business.

In 2018, the

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