Brush Creek toasts to early success in distilling business | News

SARATOGA — Before you can even make it to the Brush Creek Distillery to quaff a couple of their newly released spirits, chances are you’ll be escorted down a long basement tunnel, adorned with stone walls and arched ceilings reminiscent of medieval bridges.

To your right side, windows peering into one of the largest wine cellars you’ve ever seen — more than 30,000 bottles, ballpark figure. Interspersed on the other end, locked doors that lead into wine vaults — one of which leads to a hidden bar through a trapdoor.

You’ve never seen anything like it. Nor have you tasted anything like it.

At the end of the hallway, a kitchen. Head pastry chef and lead baker Keisha Sanderson, a Jamaican-born culinary expert recruited from a four-diamond and 5-star hotel in upstate New York, will likely give you a quick lesson on what it’s like to work with fresh ingredients

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