Central Texas Gellyball entertains groups while remaining socially distant | Business

KEMPNER — From behind his blue mask — and a pallet barricade, 6-year-old Samuel Hoff enjoyed round after round of firing water beads at his parents, Tina and Andrew, his 3-year-old brother Thomas and his friends.

“I wasn’t scared at all,” Samuel said. “It didn’t really hurt to get hit, either.”

The Killeen resident demonstrated the impact with a gentle slap on his knee followed by a careless shrug.

“That’s it,” he said.

Unlike other competitive shooting sports, Gellyball participants walk off the field without a mark on their skin or their clothes.

“It was my favorite part of the day,” Samuel said with shining eyes as he described his experience at dinner that evening.

“That’s the reason we started this business, the children,” said “Aunt Peggy” Smith. “Me and my nephew do a lot of family stuff — we are very family oriented.”

Smith began Central Texas Gellyball the

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