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Startup Frankyln West wants to disrupt consulting with this pitch deck

  • Former Thrive Global and Refinery29 exec Ashley Miles is trying to evolve the traditional consulting model with a new startup called Franklyn West.
  • The firm’s pitch is that it can drastically shorten the business planning process for clients and gives clients access to a variety of industry experts.
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Ashley Miles is trying to evolve the traditional consulting model with her new startup called Franklyn West.

The former Thrive Global and Refinery29 exec’s firm is among a new crop of ad, media, tech, and consulting businesses aiming to bring a new approach to everything from business planning to recruiting.

One way the firm differentiates itself from the likes of Deloitte and Accenture is by relying on a changing roster of experts in various business functions rather than a permanent staff, she said. Current experts include Shark Tank investor Daymond John; Anastasia Soare, founder and

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Hexagon Technologies, Inc. Launches Enterprise Business Monitoring Platform to Disrupt the Traditional Business Intelligence Market

Hexagon Technologies officially launches its Enterprise Business Monitoring software platform designed to give firms a pro-active and timely approach to capitalizing on business data.

Traditional reports and dashboards are important business tools but are naturally passive and require you to periodically analyze them to get value. Rules-driven monitoring automatically pushes timely information to you as situational changes occur to your key topics. Monitoring has traditionally been a technical tool for servers and networks – not anymore. Hexagon brings a new dimension to your firm’s overall Business Intelligence strategy.

Hexagon CEO Perry Harris says “We all take for granted the notifications we receive from apps such as airlines, weather, and fitness in our personal lives. Hexagon brings these capabilities to your business by allowing you to define your key business topics and how you want to be notified when situations/changes occur.”

“I don’t want to run a report to get information

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Xbox’s next-generation strategy threatens to disrupt the console business l Opinion

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I woke up yesterday morning to a string of emails and messages from people asking for my thoughts on the Xbox Series S reveal.

Is this going to change the game in terms of who buys consoles at the start of a new generation? How much of a blow is this $299/£249 price going to be for PlayStation? Will consumers understand what the hell is going on with all these different configurations? Is it fair to even call this new console a next-gen device?

I sat back for a good few moments, thought about historical precedents and my own accrued knowledge from decades analysing the video games market, before replying the same answer to each message.


The Series S is a different approach to next-gen

“I don’t know.”

Even leaving aside the pandemic for a moment, this has been an exhilarating and exasperating move to a new

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Technical glitches disrupt classes as students take classes online

  • As many students went back to school online on Tuesday, they were met with technical glitches that disrupted their learning. 
  • The online learning platform Blackboard, which serves more than 20 million US students reported that websites for one of its learning products were failing to load or were loading slowly, and users were unable to register on the first day of school.
  • Other sites like Google Drive also crashed. 
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HOUSTON (AP) — Students across the US ran into computer glitches Tuesday as they began the school year with online instruction at home because of the coronavirus, adding to the list of problems that have thrust many a harried parent into the role of teacher’s aide and tech support person.

The online learning platform Blackboard, which provides technology for 70 of the nation’s 100 biggest districts and serves more than 20 million US students

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