Handling Card Debt And Disputed Transactions During The Pandemic

Know Your Rights Regarding Chargebacks, Covid-19 Travel Cancellations

As the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe, it caused an immediate and massive disruption to the travel industry, and consumers everywhere began to panic. A flood of demands for refunds on prepaid airline, hotel and tour reservations overwhelmed companies. Many mitigated the damage by offering flexible rebooking options or vouchers for future travel, some with adding incentives, to avoid paying back so much of their capital to confused and frustrated customers. All kinds of hospitality providers now face the possibility of a huge volume of chargebacks being demanded due to Covid-caused cancellations. [Travel Pulse]

Struggling with Credit Card Debt? Here’s What You Can Do with Them During Covid-19

You may be focused on what the coronavirus pandemic means for going to work, sending your children to school, or enjoying

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