Nordson Arm Unveils Optimum Class VI Dispensing Components

Nordson EFD, a business unit of Nordson Corporation NDSN, recently unveiled Optimum Class VI fluid dispensing components. Developed from complete virgin U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention Class VI resin, the new fluid dispensing components facilitate in simplifying process validation for manufacturers in the medical industry.

Notably, the company’s new dispensing components comes up with 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc and 55cc syringe barrels and pistons, apart from tip caps and end caps. Featuring ZeroDraft walls with uniform internal diameters, the Class VI medical syringe barrels also help in delivering precise fluid deposits for coating, bonding and other processes of medical assembly.

As noted by the company, several methods including autoclave, ethylene oxide and gamma sterilization were tested to find out the effect on these dispensing components. The company suggests customers to carry out their own testing for process validation.

Existing Business Scenario

Nordson has been benefiting from strength in its test & inspection,

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