NBA, NBPA discussing plan for next season: Late January a potential start date; return of fans a possibility

The 2020 NBA Finals are in full swing with the Lakers up 2-1 against the Heat, and while it’s incredibly strange to watch playoff basketball in October like this, there was a point in time where it didn’t even seem like a real possibility due to the coronavirus pandemic. The NBA bubble has gone off mostly without a hitch, though, and the league has done a tremendous job of keeping COVID-19 at bay. Commissioner Adam Silver and those who helped put this on certainly deserve a pat on the back, but this bubble is only temporary. After this season concludes, the league will have to figure out how to conduct next season without a bubble amid a pandemic that is still very prevalent.

Silver said recently that his best guess was that next season would start in 2021, as the NBA aims to play games in-market without a bubble present

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